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  1. Hadith on Hajj: The pilgrimage to Mecca is a jihad without fighting
  2. Hadith on Companions: I enjoin you to follow my companions and stick to the community
  3. Hasan on Backbiting: Hasan Al-Basri sends gifts to those who backbite him
  4. Ibn Al-Qayyim on Fatwa: Islamic rulings and judgments may change by time, place, and condition
  5. Umar on Secrecy: Those who meet in secret for their religion are spreading misguidance
  6. Hadith on Medina: Whoever is patient with Medina will earn the Prophet’s intercession
  7. Hadith on Khawarij: The Kharijites come with beautiful preaching but evil deeds
  8. Hadith on Reward: Unbelievers are rewarded in this life and believers in the Hereafter
  9. Ash-Shafi’ee on Humility: The best people are those who do not see their own virtues
  10. Hadith on Prisoners: The Prophet commands the companions to treat prisoners well
  11. Hadith on Evil: Allah will punish a community that refuses to condemn evil
  12. Hadith on Satan: The devil sits in the presence of those who curse each other
  13. Ibn Qayyim on Hearts: In the heart is a void that can only be filled by loving Allah
  14. Hadith on Greetings: Shaking hands will shed the sins of the Muslims
  15. Ibn Mubarak on Respect: Do not belittle the scholars, the rulers, or your Muslim brothers
  16. Ibn Al-Qayyim on Jama’ah: If you alone are following the truth, then you alone are the true community
  17. Umar on Jihad: The sins of the Muslims are more harmful than the plots of the enemy
  18. Ibn Kathir on Khawarij: The Kharijites commit mass murder of men, women, and children
  19. Hadith on Trials: The Prophet fears for his nation six trials
  20. Hadith on Marriage: Marry the loving and fruitful to increase the righteous Muslims
  21. Abu Bakr on Decapitation: Do you follow the way of the Romans and Persians?
  22. Al-Qurtubi on Jihad: The best jihad is to build a mosque and teach Islamic knowledge
  23. Hadith on Patience: Ammar ibn Yasir and his family are patient with torture
  24. Hadith on Hereafter: Whoever makes the Hereafter important, Allah takes care of his affairs
  25. Hadith on Repentance: Glory to Allah, I seek Your forgiveness and repent to You
  26. Ash-Shafi’ee on Faith: True faith is words and actions, a debate with the Murjia
  27. Hadith on Rights: He is not a true Muslim who does not honor their rights
  28. Fudayl on Sunnah: Deeds are only accepted if sincere and according to Sunnah
  29. Ibn Taymiyyah on Takfeer: The scholars would not excommunicate those who excommunicated them
  30. Ibn Taymiyyah on Takfeer: I am the strongest of people to forbid excommunication
  31. Hadith on Rulers: Whoever affirms their lies and oppression will not drink with the Prophet
  32. Talaq on Tribulation: Protect yourself from trials by fearing Allah and hoping for mercy
  33. Hasan on Tyranny: Tyrants are the punishment of Allah, so do not repel them with swords
  34. Ibn Taymiyyah on Benefit: If an action is good and evil, choose the lesser of two evils
  35. Ibn Abbas on Deeds: Good deeds being light and strength, bad deeds bring darkness and weakness
  36. Hadith on Forgiveness: Allah will not stop forgiving you unless you stop asking for forgiveness
  37. Hatim on Tawakkul: My reliance upon Allah is built upon four characteristics
  38. Hadith on Preaching: Severe punishment for those who do not practice what they preach
  39. Hadith on Debt: If your debt was the size of a mountain, Allah will help you repay it
  40. Hadith on Eid: The Prophet encourages women to give charity on the day of Eid